Take note of the orange tones


Take a note of the following pictures.
Notice the colour of clothing the monks seem to wear.
They’re all wearing orange clothing.
Notice in one picture a monk is also holding a flame which is orange in colour.
The colour orange seems to have significant importance, but why?. In each picture there is also sound accompanied in the form of chanting or Solfegio frequencies.
It seems to be important to apply a harmonic vibration in the form of sound while focusing on an orange colour.



Notice in the next few pictures native tribes seem to signify the importance of playing music or chanting while dancing around a camp fire.


Take notice of the final picture and notice the chakra or energy centre which is associated with the colour orange.
It’s the sacral chakra, which is the seat of our sexual desires and creation of life.


Does the listening to certain sounds / harmonics while focusing on an orange colour balance our sacral chakra so we can transmute or transform our sexual life force into more creative endeavours.
Don’t underestimate the power of sexual transmutation or transformation, it will change your life like no other practice.

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