Here I’m equating kukulkan, Satan and Lucifer as being the same character.

Kukulkan: the (feathered serpent).

Satan: the (serpent in the garden of Eden and also a creature with wings).

Kukulkan, Jesus and Lucifer are all referred to as the morning star.

Revelation 22:16, Isaiah 14:12

The Bible stories come from America.

I then came to the conclusion that the people’s in America who worship the feathered serpent, migrated into Ireland and preserved the feathered serpents name in a mythological story called Cuchuilain, whose childhood name is Sethanta and whose father’s name is Lugh the God of light.

These names Sethanta and Lugh have been expanded upon and inserted into the Bible, Quran and Jewish bible as Satan and lucifer.

I’m not saying that these stories or characters come from Ireland, I’m saying they may have come from America, from the so-American pyramid cultures and simply passed through Ireland and were preserved there.

There is a passage from the annals of Cuchuilain where it says he lost his spiritual strength from eating dog meat.

So there is an element of spirituality in the myths of Cuchuilain.

This name is preserved as the name lud or lug in Welsh and I’m sure if you look through European mythology you’ll see similar variations in mythological character names.

In an earlier post I made the comment that The word LORD is written in capital letters sometimes because it is an acronym of the words “loyal order of the red dragon”.

The red dragon is a symbol of worship in Wales and it gives us another clue as to where these stories have been.

The red dragon is often referred to as drake in ancient mythology and a drake is a duck, alluding to the point that the red dragon or the LORD is reptile /bird or feathered serpent.

Kukulkan, Satan and Lucifer

Cuchuilain, Sethanta and Lugh.

The imagery for the lamb of God may have come from America aswell.

Here’s a link, which explains why.


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