Evolution of the Morning star

Take a look at the evolutionary timeline in this BBC report.


Look at when birds have been said to have evolved (150 millions years ago).

Before that reptiles.


Morning star – Evolution.

Could it be possible that some reptiles evolved into birds? and that this is where the imagery for the feathered serpent kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl comes from in the Mayan and Aztec pantheons.

This imagery was created in observation of the nature by a civilization that lived 150 million years ago and that this is also where the imagery for Satan comes from.
(Snake in the garden of Eden and an angel / creature with wings or feathered serpent).

(Birds and reptiles lay eggs)


Could the reason that Ancient Egyptians then worship mammals is because it was a later pyramid kingdom, created when mammals had evolved.

Continental drift & Pangea
The continents drift, and 150 million years ago the supercontinent Pangea had formed.

Now look to where the pyramid cultures are positioned in Pangea in respect to one another.
(Incain, Mayan, Aztec, Egypt etc)

They would have been all part of the same land mass and would have quite possibly traded with one another through a central point.

Look at the names for the pyramid cultures, ( Incain, Aztec etc).

If you rearrange the letters Incain it becomes Cain.

Aztec becomes zatec or maybe Setek, which is Seth in ancient Egypt.

So Incain and Aztec become Cain and Seth in the bible.

Ancient Egypt
The father of ancient Egypt is a God called Osiris, he is often depicted in a green colour, and is known as the green fleshed Lord of the underworld.

In the Middle East and Egypt there is also a God called Ba’al, whom has a similar description to Osiris in ancient Egypt.

Could Ba’al be Osiris? and he is actually ABa’al or Abal in the bible.

The pyramid kingdoms:
Incain, Egypt and Aztec are actually Cain, Abal and Seth in the bible (Genesis).

They traded with one another through a central point some where in the Atlantic Ocean, hence the name “Atlantis”.

The ancient Egyptians called this place of trade “the land of Punt” and describe it as a place of great wealth, where all sorts of treasures were traded.

The currency in Ireland was “Punt”
until the euro came, and it’s English equivalent was “the pound”.

Could the early Irish have been at this trading centre 150 million years ago in the super continent Pangea?.

Could they have taken the name Punt from Atlantis or the land of Punt?.

Most Ancient Egyptians worship many gods, but there are a few who worship one God.

They normally name this God “RA”
or “Horus” and call him the one God or the God of the gods.

Could RA have been at the centre of Pangea and is where the ancient Egyptians traded with the mesoamerican pyramid cultures?.

RA and Horus are both depicted as birds.

Could the name “Eire” be actually derived from the name “RA”?.
RA is simply AR’RA, ER’RE or Eire.

Christian Customs
Ancient Egyptian pagans broke bread and drank beer in remembrance and worship of the God of agriculture “Osiris” to remember that he was the one whom possibly brought them wheat, barley and alcohol.

The same idea can be seen in the bible when Jesus breaks bread and drinks wine, Jesus is taking on the same attributes and customs as ancient pagan worshippers of the cult of Osiris.

A similar story to that of the immaculate conception emerges in ancient Egypt with the lovers “Isis and Osiris”, again the bibles version of the Virgin Mary is taken from ancient Egypt.

I would then surmise that the reason Jesus attributed himself to have the miracle of walking on water is that he is mimicking the only two animals that can walk on water and that is “birds or reptiles” giving himself the attributes of a reptile / bird or feathered serpent .
Kukulkan / Queatzalcoatl or Satan and lucifer.

Jesus also takes on the name of the “morning star” (revelation 22:16), a name which is already attributed to the one whom has fallen out of heaven (Isaiah 14:12), whom is aptly referred to as “Lucifer or Satan”.

Kukulkan is also referred to as the “morning star” and in Latin the name Lucifer with a capital L becomes morning star.


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