Sound healing

Spiritual practice, something which is practiced the world over and held in high regard.

But could it be something which is much simpler and more common than we think?

Guru’s and yogi’s advocate yoga, a practice which involves movement and stretching.

Buddhist monks advocate and practice sound healing, and when you put the two practices together what do you get only music and dancing.

Practiced by far more people across the world than we know.

Music moves the soul and when implemented in the right way with movement into ones life can bring miraculous healing.

This is a practice which is done by the earliest cultures.


Ancient cultures, such as native aboriginals of Australia, Indians in America and ancient African societies all engage in music and dancing which promotes healing and happiness.


This marriage of music and movement is something every society and culture across the world have in common.


Music when understood as to why it has been developed can help our energy centres heal.

The Buddha discovered how a range of frequencies from playing Buddha bowls can help heal and bring enlightenment to mankind.

But has this practice already been understood in early Celtic and Gaelic societies, and is the reason a number of instruments have been developed to effect our energy.

Christian bell

This is also the reason there are bells on top of churches as the founders of Christianity understood the healing properties in the sound a bell makes.

In many Christian churches piano organs can be found, the organ is a unique musical instrument in that it produces the most complex arrangement of frequencies compared to any other instrument.

In fact only an orchestra can produce similar frequencies.

Christian ceremony

During mass in Christian churches a bell is rang while we are asked to kneel, a similar practice can be seen when Muslims pray.

Often worshippers of Islam will ring a bell before bowing before Allah, adopting a stretch or exercise posture similarly seen in yoga practice.

The implementation of sound whether it is music or simply a bell or bowl rung, stirs the spirit and if practice is maintained union with your spirit, higher self, God or Allah can be achieved.

This is an intuitive wisdom that is inside everything and can guide people to know the truth of this world so that they may navigate it effectively.

After weeks or months of engaging in sound practice and movement you will notice most ailments you are suffering disappear.

Your diet should naturally change to eat less meet and less in general and ingest more vegetables, fruits and liquids.

You will start to remember those things that you loved in life or gain more love for what you love.

Your mind will become clearer, you will notice people become more attracted to you.

More people will come into your life with new ideas and opportunities.

It will almost feel like you are attracting things into your life with some magical force.


This practice of sound and movement is so common and simple that even the animals practice it.

A lion roars disturbing the airways,

A dog is constantly barking and both of them then exercise and stretch.

This practice is a simple one initially but union with your spirit throughout the practice can be difficult.

As we awaken to see life from the perspective of the higher self or God , we realise that we are not as unique or special as we would like to think and that the practices that we hold in high regard are very common and simple.

This can be a difficult thing to take, but once embraced the spirit then acts to remedy this dilemma in oneself particularly fast when there is love in the heart.

Just like a flower may become aware that it is just the dirt in the ground but then grows into its through form with the help of the spirit.

We too may come to the conclusion that we are quite simple and common while awakening spiritually, but only complex things are created when viewed simply and you can only be one hundred percent certain that you are on the right path when you see that it is common.

When we embrace the idea that we are simple and common we then can grow into something which is unique, special and sustainable.

The merging of sound and movement can also be seen in sport, particularly at football matches where fans provide the sound and the footballers exert themselves.

The sound produces a vibration which effects the body and soul not too dissimilar to the vibration which occult and spiritual groups say come from precious metals and and stones.

Radio therapy

Ultrasounds and radiotherapy use sound to heal patients, so there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the vibrations in our every day lives are really affecting how we feel and our health.

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