Why the name God?

Is the word dog the opposite of God for a reason?

Does a dog represent an ordinary animal in the nature, but it’s opposite is an upright human form with the head of a dog or God?

Set is the ancient Egyptian dog headed God.

Why did Jesus ride a donkey?

Is Jesus saying that his ministry or teachings rest on the shoulders of a donkey?.

Set is the ancient Egyptian donkey headed God.

Could Moses be ramoses or rameses the great, whose father is Set?.

Adam and Eve have three sons, Cain, Abel and Set.

Cain kills Abel, so Abel has no bloodline.

Cain’s people don’t survive the flood in Noah’s time, so it is Set’s bloodline which all humanity has come from, according to the bible.

If Adam is the son of God, then Set is the grandson of God and therefore Set would call God grandfather.

It is interesting to note that some Native American tribes call God or the great spirit grandfather.

According to the bible it would be Set whom would most appropriately have called God grandfather and this might suggest that the Set which is spoken of in the bible comes from the America’s.

The Bible also describes how Noah made the ark from gopher wood, the gopher just happens to be an animal in America which is commonly associated with cutting down and felling trees.

Did the biblical Set come from the meso-American world and take the knowledge of pyramid building to ancient Egypt?.

The word Set has the most amount of definitions in the English language?.

Could Set have travelled to Ireland and England at some time?.

Could the English language come from the Aztek world?, and that the word Aztek is actually A to Z of tech or technology?.

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