Prostrate the prostate

Notice the word “prostrate” here, it’s like prostate in English.

It’s all to do with the fire in your “prostate”.

Why does the Lord cometh?

What does the word cometh mean?

It is a meteor or comet in the sky.

It means to come forward, but it also means to ejaculate a mans phallus / penis.

Why does this one word have so many meanings?

We here of this idea in eastern philosophy, of how a force associated with our sex gland has the power to create life and is creative in nature.

But that those who are the most creative or who draw the greatest creative, chi or prana force will struggle in their early life to control this force if not guided by their peers in the right way and therefore will succumb to this sexual force and waste its power through repeated ejaculation.

They will quite literally be coming all the time.

Does the Lord Christ have the greatest creative force within him?

And is he struggling within his early life to control this force, thereby coming repeatedly.

The Lord Christ being a seminarian or semin Arian, is an Arian who will retain his semin so as to transmute his sexual energy and will not cometh / come until his chi / prana energy has ascended and is perceived spiritually, uniting with God in his whole eye.

Only then will the Lord descend and cometh.

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