Colour therapy

Colour therapy

Balance your sacral chakra – the seat of your desires.

Conquer your desires with the colour of the sacral chakra – Orange

Fill your life with all things orange, the colour of the sacral chakra.

Fill your life with orange light , orange fire, orange colour, candles etc.

Many cultures across Africa, America, India and Australasia use colour in their religious and spiritual ceremonies.

The colour orange is very important as it represents the Suns ascent in the morning, which starts everything off.

Many cultures dance around an orange fire, which represents an orange source of light similar to the sun.

Examples include:

– Native African tribes –

– Native American tribes –

Candles are often lit in Christian churches and many of the candles will be placed in a red holder, which when lit gives an orange coloured effect.

Balancing the sacral chakra or energy centre and allowing the worshiper to conquer their desires or addictions by balancing and healing the sacral chakra.

Across Asia lanterns are lit, which then ascend into the sky symbolising the worshippers spirit and their ascent towards gods view point becoming a more expansive and informed being.

Sacral chakra- meditation music

YouTube: dangavdan

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