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Do atheists believe in the Biblical 3 wise men…

Everyone has there own personal interpretation upon the life of Christ.

My own view is that the symbolism, in scripture and in Christian images conveys a spiritual awakening and it is my belief that Jesus went through this awakening 2000 years ago, and died spiritually.

The 3 wise men in bible have to be coming from the far east with ideas from Hinduism and Buddhism as bethlehem is in the middle east.

Therefore you can apply far Eastern spiritual understanding to certain texts and images within Christianity.

These 3 wise men are following a star, so there is an element of esotericism or astrology within Christianity.

If we study Hinduism we come across this idea of energy centres, 7 to be exact.

There are 7 days of the week, seven solfegio tones etc.

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Twin flames

Twin flames are a spiritual concept that has been discussed in various religious and spiritual texts throughout history. The idea of twin flames is that each person has a counterpart, a soulmate, with whom they share a deep and unbreakable connection. This connection is said to be so powerful that it transcends time and space, and is often associated with the awakening of the solar plexus.

In Hindu spiritual texts, the solar plexus, also known as the Manipura chakra, is associated with fire. This chakra is located in the area of the ribs, and is said to be the seat of our personal power and will. It is believed that when the solar plexus is awakened, it allows us to tap into our inner strength and wisdom, and to connect with our inner guidance.

This understanding of the solar plexus being associated with fire may also be seen in the Bible, in the story of how Eve was taken from Adam’s rib. In this story, Eve is often seen as a representation of the feminine aspect of humanity, and her creation from Adam’s rib may symbolize the connection between the masculine and feminine aspects of our being.

The concept of hell may also be derived from this understanding of the solar plexus and fire. In many religious traditions, hell is described as a place of eternal fire and suffering. This may be a metaphor for the inner turmoil and suffering that can occur when the solar plexus is blocked or out of balance. When the solar plexus is blocked, it can lead to feelings of powerlessness, fear, and confusion, which can manifest as inner turmoil and suffering.

The awakening of the solar plexus and the connection with the Holy Spirit is also seen in the relationship between Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. In many religious texts, Mary and Jesus are often depicted standing side by side with both hearts on fire, denoting a twin flame relationship. This imagery suggests that their connection was not just a physical or emotional one, but rather a spiritual one.

The Gospel of Matthew 3:11 and Luke 3:16 also reference the concept of fire in relation to Jesus’ baptism. John the Baptist says “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” This can be seen as a metaphor for the awakening of the solar plexus and the connection with the Holy Spirit. The fire that is mentioned here may symbolize the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, which can lead to the awakening of the solar plexus and the connection with one’s twin flame.

In conclusion, twin flames are a spiritual concept that has been discussed in various religious and spiritual texts throughout history. The idea of twin flames is that each person has a counterpart, a soulmate, with whom they share a deep and unbreakable connection. This connection is said to be so powerful that it transcends time and space, and is often associated with the awakening of the solar plexus.

The solar plexus, located in the area of the ribs, is associated with fire and personal power in Hindu spiritual texts. The same understanding can be seen in the Bible story of Eve being taken from Adam’s rib.

The concept of hell may also be derived from this understanding of the solar plexus and fire. The Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ are often depicted standing side by side with both hearts on fire, denoting a twin flame relationship. The Gospel of Matthew and Luke also reference the concept of fire in relation to Jesus’ baptism, symbolizing the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, which can lead to the awakening of the solar plexus and the connection with one’s twin flame.

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Gospel reading Matthew 11: 2 – 11

In the Gospel for the previous Sunday (Matthew 3:1-12), we heard the stirring words of John the Baptist at the Jordan River concerning the one who is to come.
The Messiah, he said, will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire, and he will exercise judgment. In the fashion of a swashbuckler, his coming will be dramatic, to say the least.

But Jesus does not really fit the mold. He comes on the scene as one who proclaims the kingdom of God, calls upon people to trust in God, heals the sick, and befriends tax collectors and persons labeled “sinners.” It is little wonder that John, now sitting in prison with time to think, questions whether Jesus is the one to come or not. Jesus fits neither John`s expectations nor those of Jewish messianism in general. John’s question in 11:3 is therefore totally understandable: “Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another?”

The question of John and the response of Jesus in 11:2-6 are actually relayed by disciples of John the Baptist. (That John had disciples is attested not only here and in its parallel at Luke 7:18-23, but also in John 1:35; 3:25.) John is now not certain whether Jesus is the “coming one,” an expression which refers to the Messiah as the one to come (Matthew 21:9, Mark 11:9, Luke 19:38, John 12:13, Heb 10:37), based on Old Testament imagery (Psalm 118:26).

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“No tree can grow to Heaven unless it’s roots reach down to Hell.”

In the journey to become enlightened — the path to become the greatest version of human possible — you must see the evil within yourself.

Think of the worst atrocities that humankind has committed — then realize and come to terms with the fact that you hold the potential within you to commit those same atrocities. It is not enough to merely acknowledge the potential — you must truly understand/comprehend the capacity for evil within you. You must meditate on these evils, and their accompanying motivations, consequences, and feelings…feelings of enjoying inflicting evil and suffering upon others. You must feel how gratifying it can be to be Adolf Hitler for example.

Only then are you truly capable of embodying the greatest good. True goodness does not emerge from a happy ignorance of evil — these people fall apart when they encounter true evil that they do not have a theory for. This is how PTSD emerges. Goodness can only come from a true understanding of evil, and the choice to act in the good in the face of the suffering of life.

This truth is written in our genetic code, and is likely why we all feel a sense of gratification when the evil villain redeems himself into the hero that saves the day.

This idea of goodness being emergent from the understanding, and subsequent rejection of evil is reflected in the story of Christ (the central figure in Western culture) rejecting the temptation of Satan three times in the Judaean desert, where Christ plays the archetype of the perfect human: he who, through unjustly being nailed to a cross and tortured by the world of unenlightened man, willingly embraces his own suffering and carries it on his back along with the suffering and darkness of all men. If we envision life as a game, and “God” as the rules/enforcer of the rules of the game, then Christ is the “perfect player” of the game who makes the correct decision in every circumstance that he encounters — that which all can aspire to.

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How did God create man?

For those who claim God created man.. let’s settle this claim right here right now.. Explain in detail start to finish… How does God and God alone create man? Describe the method God uses and the criteria to which one is created with any deformities or born with a chronic illness? Here is your opportunity to clear this up once and for all..

Is communism define as a theory or system?

Communism is defined as “a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.” Acts 2:44-45 says of the first century church “all the believers were together and had everything in common.They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.”

It would seem that if Christians truly wanted a government based on biblical Christianity, they would advocate for a communist model of government.

Atheists are so confused.

Atheists are so confused. They can’t decide what they believe, excuse me, don’t believe, no, do believe…ugh!

You have the atheists who believe God exists, but they have rejected Him.

You have the atheists who believe no God(s) exists.

You have the atheists who will believe God exists, but shown no evidence.

You have the atheists who believe God doesn’t exists, but a spirit world does.

Stop the madness, for the love of God and all that is holy, stop it.

Make up your minds and then just stick to one religion instead of all these sects.

Man vs God.

🙏🙏Need to read this. God says: “Since mankind’s contrivance of the social sciences, the mind of man has become occupied by science and knowledge. Science and knowledge then have become tools for the ruling of mankind, and there is no longer sufficient room for man to worship God, and no more favorable conditions for the worship of God. The position of God has sunk ever lower in the heart of man. Without God in his heart, man’s inner world is dark, hopeless and empty. Subsequently many social scientists, historians, and politicians have come to the fore to express theories of social science, the theory of human evolution, and other theories that contradict the truth that God created man, to fill the hearts and minds of mankind. And in this way, those who believe that God created everything have become ever fewer, and those who believe in the theory of evolution have become ever greater in number. More and more people treat the records of the work of God and His words during the age of the Old Testament as myths and legends. In their hearts, people become indifferent to the dignity and greatness of God, to the tenet that God exists and holds dominion over all things. The survival of mankind and the fate of countries and nations are no longer important to them, and man lives in a hollow world concerned only with eating, drinking, and the pursuit of pleasure. … Few people take it upon themselves to seek out where God does His work today, or to look for how He presides over and arranges the destination of man. And in this way, unbeknownst to man, human civilization becomes less and less able to hew to man’s wishes, and there are even many people who feel that, living in such a world, they are less happy than those who have already passed away. Even people of countries that used to be highly civilized air such grievances. For without the guidance of God, no matter how much rulers and sociologists wrack their brains to preserve human civilization, it is to no avail. No one can fill the emptiness in man’s heart, for no one can be the life of man, and no social theory can free man from the emptiness with which he is afflicted. Science, knowledge, freedom, democracy, leisure, comfort: these bring man only a temporary consolation. Even with these things, man still inevitably sins and bemoans the injustices of society. These things cannot restrain man’s craving and desire to explore. This is because man was made by God and the senseless sacrifices and explorations of man can only lead to more distress and can only cause man to exist in a constant state of fear, not knowing how to face the future of mankind or how to face the path that lies ahead. Man even comes to fear science and knowledge, and fear even more the feeling of emptiness. In this world, regardless of whether you live in a free country or one without human rights, you are utterly incapable of escaping the fate of mankind. Whether you are the ruler or the ruled, you are utterly incapable of escaping the desire to explore the fate, mysteries, and destination of mankind, much less are you capable of escaping the bewildering sense of emptiness. Such phenomena, which are common to all of mankind, are called social phenomena by sociologists, yet no great man can come forth to solve such problems. Man, after all, is man, and the position and life of God cannot be replaced by any man. Mankind does not just require a fair society in which everyone is well-fed and is equal and free; what mankind needs is the salvation of God and His provision of life to them. Only when man receives God’s provision of life and His salvation can the needs, the yearning to explore, and the spiritual emptiness of man be resolved. If the people of a country or a nation are unable to receive the salvation and care of God, then such a country or nation will tread the road of decline, toward darkness, and shall be annihilated by God.”

Not everyone does the work of God.

God says: “Not ever does the work of God conform to the conceptions of man, for His work is always new and never old. Not ever does He repeat work of old but rather forges ahead with work never before done. As God does not repeat His work and man invariably judges the work of God today based on His work of the past, it is exceedingly difficult for God to carry out each stage of work of the new age. Man presents far too many hindrances! The thinking of man is too hidebound! No man knows the work of God, yet they all define such work. Away from God, man loses life, truth, and the blessings of God, yet neither does man accept life nor truth, much less the greater blessings God bestows upon mankind. All men wish to gain God yet are unable to tolerate any changes in God’s work. Those who do not accept the new work of God believe that the work of God is changeless, and that the work of God forever remains at a standstill. In their belief, all that is needed to gain eternal salvation from God is to keep the law, and as long as they repent and confess their sins, the heart of God will be forever satisfied. They are of the opinion that God can only be the God under the law and the God who was nailed on the cross for man; it is their opinion too that God should not and cannot exceed the Bible. It is precisely these opinions that have shackled them firmly to the law of old and kept them fettered by rigid regulations.”

The time is now, how will God judge you?

🧐Recently I was thinking about a question. Peter did not know that he would later hold the keys to heaven, but he was willingly crucified and died for the Lord Jesus; Job did not know that the Lord would appear to him later, nor did he know that God would bless him much afterwards, yet he was able to have true obedience to God when the great trial came. I wondered, if God had not given us the promise of heaven, or assuming that we would not enter heaven at all, would my heart of faith in God be the same as it is now? What would my attitude toward God be if I had nothing and was in such great pain as Job was? Would I really be able to obey? If God asks me, “Have you ever been true to me at all? Have you ever been true to me without any dealings and without any mixture? I thought of 2 paragraphs of God’s words to share with you.

🙏God says:”So many believe in Me only that I might heal them. So many believe in Me only that I might use My powers to drive unclean spirits out from their bodies, and so many believe in Me simply that they might receive peace and joy from Me. So many believe in Me only to demand from Me greater material wealth. So many believe in Me just to spend this life in peace and to be safe and sound in the world to come. So many believe in Me to avoid the suffering of hell and to receive the blessings of heaven. So many believe in Me only for temporary comfort, yet do not seek to gain anything in the world to come. When I brought down My fury upon man and seized all the joy and peace he once possessed, man became doubtful. When I gave unto man the suffering of hell and reclaimed the blessings of heaven, man’s shame turned into anger. When man asked Me to heal him, I paid him no heed and felt abhorrence toward him; man departed from Me to instead seek the way of evil medicine and sorcery. When I took away all that man had demanded from Me, everyone disappeared without a trace. Thus, I say that man has faith in Me because I give too much grace, and there is far too much to gain. “

God says:”You must have visions as your foundation. If misfortune befalls you one day, what ought you to do? Would you still be able to follow Him? Do not say lightly whether you would be able to follow to the end. You had better first open wide your eyes to see just what time it is now. Though you may currently be like pillars of the temple, a time will come when all such pillars will be gnawed by worms, causing the temple to collapse, for at present, there are so many visions that you lack. You only pay attention to your own little worlds, and you do not know what the most reliable and appropriate way of seeking is. You do not heed the vision of the work of today, nor do you hold these things in your hearts. Have you considered that one day your God will put you in a most unfamiliar place? Can you imagine what would become of you one day when I might snatch everything from you? Would your energy on that day be as it is now? Would your faith reappear? “