Do atheists believe in the Biblical 3 wise men…

Everyone has there own personal interpretation upon the life of Christ.

My own view is that the symbolism, in scripture and in Christian images conveys a spiritual awakening and it is my belief that Jesus went through this awakening 2000 years ago, and died spiritually.

The 3 wise men in bible have to be coming from the far east with ideas from Hinduism and Buddhism as bethlehem is in the middle east.

Therefore you can apply far Eastern spiritual understanding to certain texts and images within Christianity.

These 3 wise men are following a star, so there is an element of esotericism or astrology within Christianity.

If we study Hinduism we come across this idea of energy centres, 7 to be exact.

There are 7 days of the week, seven solfegio tones etc.

Each energy centre is assigned an element.

Water represents the sacral, which it is said to be where our creative and sexual desire comes from.

If we look at the image of Christ walking on water, we may deduce that from a Hindu perspective this means that he is one celibate, above the sacral,  his sexual and creative desires, 2. If he is not in the sacral and above it this means he is in what hindus call the solar plexus,  which is associated with the heart organ and the element of fire.

Luke 3:16, Matthew 3:11, states that Christ will come to baptise us with the Holy Spirit and fire.

The Holy spirit is symbolized as a dove on fire or a bird in flames, this same idea is seen in mythology with the phoenix.

The idea of the Holy Spirit is everywhere,  from faith to mythology, its representative of a spiritual awakening,  particularly the awakening of the solar plexus.

The book of Mosiah in the book of Mormon describes how we will be overcome with guilt when God comes with his fire.

Mosiah chapter 2: 38.

Scriptural texts are commenting upon a spiritual awakening and the death of the ego as we ascend spiritually,  moving forward in light, love, hope and faith and not listening to our lower nature, which is a fire consumed with lower desires.

Christ’s death and resurrection is symbolic of a spiritual death we must all go through to rid ourselves of selfish thinking, the ego and Satan.


1 thought on “Do atheists believe in the Biblical 3 wise men…

  1. clubschadenfreude

    some atheists do indeedbelieve the three wise men since christians are atheists too, when it comes to all gods, and versions of the christian god, that don’t match up with what they believe is real.

    I, as what I would term a pan-atheist, the conclusion that no gods exist, don’t believe in any of your rather silly story about the “wise men” considering how that story makes no sense.

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