Erecting Christ’s Reserection

What is an erection?

An erection is known in architectural circles as a building which stands upright or erect.

But it is also an action which a mans penis or phallus takes.

Why then is the same word meant to describe two different things?, has a mans erection something to do with the erecting of a building.

Right across the world we here this idea of sexual transmutation, sexual sublimation, sexual alchemy, brahmacharya etc. Which is a process where by a person chooses not to engage in sexual activity and then can direct their sexual energy upwards into higher energy centres to become more creative.

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Basically the energy centre associated with sex wants to create life, it is associated with sex and creativity, when sublimated it rises up into the solar plexus, heart, throat, mind etc.

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The colour of the sexual energy centre or sacral chakra is orange, so inviting orange colours into your life will help to balance this energy centre.

But it can become too balanced and the result can be an under active sex drive, which doesn’t serve anything.

This is where the idea of the erection comes in, the goal is to balance this energy centre with orange colour, lights, sound etc, but to maintain a state of arrousal or erectness to draw the sexual energy in, but too not release it through sexual activity, but to become selfless and choose not to ejaculate and not to serve your own pleasure needs in one moment of sexual desire, but to hold on to that energy and direct it upward toward more creative endeavours and eventually serving God and others creatively, giving your life force.

This is also where the idea of the creator God comes in, you become the creator and direct your creative energy towards Gods kingdom, erecting Christ’s reserection.

Throughout the world we see pillars and buildings erect like a penis, some examples include obelisks in freemasonry, turrets in chapels etc, representing the erection and the transmuting of sexual energy into a higher creation.

Much far eastern religious and spiritual symbolism describes the importance of the erect penis, one example includes “shivalinga worship”.

Worship of shivalinga involves worshiping the genitals of the Hindu God Shiva. The lingham represents the erect penis and its power to create or manifest a desire.

Worshippers of the shivalinga pour water or milk over it, accompanied by prayer or meditation.

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In ancient Egyptian mythology we can see in the myths of Isis and Osiris, how Osiris was killed by his brother set and then thorn into pieces.

Osiris lover or sister Isis, (depending on the translation of ancient Egyptian texts) gathers the pieces of Osiris and puts them back together, but she does not find his phallus or penis.

A golden phallus is then affixed to Osiris, dawning his resurrection or reserection and the beginning of Horus’s birth and the importance of the energy within the male and female genitalia.


It is interesting to note that in the Ancient Egyptian mythology of Isis and Osiris and the golden phallus, that the phallus is known as a solar golden phallus and in Hindu philosophies description of energy centres, the next energy centre after the sacral or sexual / creative chakra is called the solar plexus, it is almost certainly possible that ancient Egypt and ancient India have influenced one another’s belief systems.

Any God or Goddess associated with fertility would also represent sex and creativity and can be included in ancient texts ascribing to sex magic, sex alchemy etc.

The colour of the next energy centre above the sacral or sexual energy centre is yellow (the solar plexus), and it is also quite interesting to note that many saints in Christian art work, including Jesus are depicted with a halo around their head which is a yellow colour.

Does Christ being a seminarian or semin Arian, transmute his sexual energy, direct it in the form of a fire into his heart and then by awakening the light within his solar plexus and directing it towards illuminating his mind in the form of a yellow halo around his head, none of which can be achieved without the sublimation, transmutation etc of sexual energy and sacrificing ones own sexual desires and pleasure for a greater cause.

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