Kundalini or Kund align?

Kundalini or kunt Allignment?.

What does the term kundalini mean?.

Is it the alignment of something?,

Do the words kund and Lini have a meaning in other languages?.

Could English have borrowed a linguistic influence from India and vice verse?.

My intention is not to offend or upset anyone while i write these next words, nor is it to sound rude and derogatory.

My focus is on interpreting the through nature of life and the meaning behind it.

I have studied some of the Hindi or Sanskrit languages and have found striking similarities between Irish and Hindu languages and I often wondered if there is or was a cultural and linguistic exchange between these two races?. But my focus for now is to see if that exchange is also true between the English language and Hindu languages.

Here’s a link on cultural and linguistic relations between Hindustan and the Gael.


What strikes me about words of faith in Hinduism, such as “Deva” and “deval”.

English. – Hindi
Gods. – Deva.
Divine/ holy – Deval.

That these two words strike me as words we would associate with devil in the western world, which we view as evil or derogatory, but that have a positive meaning in the eastern world.

There is also the influence which the British or English empire has had on the world, particularly in India and there is no doubt that , that influence and exchange has also been cultural and linguistic.

If then certain words which have a positive meaning in the eastern world, have indeed deliberately been demonised by the western world, could we then say that the same is true for the term kundalini and that this word not only has a meaning in Hindi or Sanskrit, but also has a meaning in English and if that meaning is of spiritual significance, then it may have been demonised by westerners and given a derogatory, demeaning or demonic tone.

So the question now may be what derogatory word do we have in the western vocabularies which might have the same sound as kundalini.

My first conclusion would be the word “Cunt” or “Kunt”.

Which is a derogatory term for someone who is not liked or a term which describes the female genitals in a negative light.

Kund = Kunt.

Could the term “alini” simply mean Allign, Allignment or a line.

Kundalini means “cunt or kunt” Allignment or the Allignment of the genital energies through sexual transmutation or brahmacharya as it is known in India.

The word kundalini may also have a Germanic influence and vice verse.

The word “kind”, meaning child in German also sounds like the word kund in kundalini.

Could the word kundalini also mean the Allignment of the child or inner child Allignment ?.

We often here this idea in spiritual or kundalini circles of finding our inner child on the path of spirituality or kundalini awakening and this too may be what the term kundalini means.

To find or align yourself with your inner child, to “kind” align (German), child align or kundalini.

This is the same process as kund or cunt align, to align the spiritual energies through sexual transmutation or sublimation, as the energies associated with sex and the genitals want to create life in the form of a child.

This may also be where the name Chris kindle comes from, meaning Santa Claus.

Chris being Christ and kind meaning child, Chris kindle may translate as the “child of Christ” or inner child.

It is also interesting to observe Chris kindles other name as being Santa Claus and to observe as to how close linguistically Santa is to the word saint or Satan.

Before British colonisation of India, Hinduism was known as “sanatana dharma”, how similar sanatana is to Santa, Saint or Satan, and how similar deval or deva meaning divine or gods in Hindi is to devil.

Have we allowed the demonisation of that which truly helps us only to trade it for something which is more socially popular?.

(German – English) kind – child,
Kundalini = kind Allignment / child Allignment or inner child Allignment.

Translation: English – German / child – kind


Does the universe align to activate the kundalini?.

Can we break this word up more to reveal more simplistic and basic word origins?, to reveal its true meaning.

We often see in many languages how the letter “c” can be pronounced with an “s” sound.

One example may be from the word Celt, where one branch of the Celtic race may pronounce this word as it would sound with a “k” as in Kelt, while another Celtic race may pronounce this word as it sounds with an “s”, as in Selt.

Could the same be true for the word “kundalini?, where one group of people may pronounce it as “sundalini”, while another pronounces it as “kundalini?.

If this is true, then the word “kundalini” can be changed to “sundalini”, to reveal the words “sound, sund or sun aligns, or Sunday line, as in the seventh day (Sunday), or seventh chakra aligns with the kund or cunt line.

Expressing the idea that the spiritual energy is perceived not only by awakening the kundalini energy through sexual transmutation, involving root chakra’s, and ascending the path to the crown, but that it also happens through the Allignment of the universal energy or universal sun and descends through the seventh or crown chakra and aligns with the base or root chakra’s.

As above so below.

We can see the cultural and spiritual links between the Aztec, German and Hindu people’s when we observe the structure of the crosses they worship.


All of these crosses are bent at the ends, resembling the swastika which hitler adopted.

We may also observe as to where the imagery for Satan has come from, when we look to the Aztec world and to the worship of the feathered serpent Queatzalcoatl or Kukulkan.

There is also evidence of a game involving sticks been played in the Aztec world, which is similar to hurling in Ireland, hockey, cricket etc throughout countries in the northern half of the world.

So there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that the northern races of this world, across North America, Europe, Russia and beyond and into the Far East, have been influencing one anther, linguistically, culturally, spiritually etc.

Words which possibly could be derived from the name Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction.

(Worship of the black or seventh sun – shiva/ shivan/ heeven/ / she heaven/, heaven/ seventh heaven).

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