Sex Magic

The power of our sexual energy In healing, balancing us is promoted throughout faiths and institutions.


The goal is to become aroused but to not ejaculate, rather let that charged sexual energy rise to help you become more creative and selfless. Becoming more aware of others and the actions you need to take to become more harmonious with life, your children etc.

Sex is often associated with the colour orange or red, which aids in balancing the energies of the sex gland.


Why does jesus visit a prostitute?

Prostitution in the bible:

There is healing power in what we percieve as our sexual energy, charge this energy by becoming aroused but do not waste it through sexual activity, let it rise and give yourself the chance to deny your own pleasure.

Completion of the sexual energy centre:

Where creativity, sexuality and the colour orange / red / wine etc meet.

Great healing in this creative, sexual union.

But only by first becoming celibate and letting the sexual energies rise up.

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