Sound healing run.

An expression of importance is needed when adding sound to exercise and stretching routines, while the addition of sound is an easy way of adding balance to our lives, and if exercise is included, miraculous healing and balancing can take place.

While entering any martial arts class or school, you will notice that there is an emphasis in the need to make a sound or noise while performing a move or while sparring.

Buddhist monks use sound to heal and balance their soul, while many will advocate Thai chi or an equivalent alternative, which is an exercise which also involves stretching.

Many faiths and cultures advocate the use of sound, whether using a buddha bowl, bell, didgeridoo, drum, shofar, trumpet, chanting, praying, singing etc, the list of ways you can add sound to your life to help you balance your energy is endless.

Many faiths then advocate practices which then involve exercising and stretching, ie yoga, Thai chi, martial arts, etc.

While a similar portrayal of idea’s can be viewed in the western world, when we dance to music, or we play sport surrounded by fans providing sound.

The application of a positive vibration in our lives, in this case sound coupled with a stretching and exercise routine can not only bring healing and balance to one’s life, but can also bring high’s equivalent to taking certain substances.

I therefore would like to encourage you to frequent a sound healing run.

Video playlist – Zen Solfegio:

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