Giving up the cash…

In an earlier post I proposed the idea that each chakra or energy centre inside us represents a level on our planet and a colour of the sun, that we need to give parts of ourselves up associated with our planet as the sun rises inside us.

But we also need to identify those energy centres and understand how they function inside us.
We need to visualize and feel these forces associated with each chakra rise inside us, to ascend to a clearer or higher part of us where the issues we have can be solved.

The root chakra is associated with the physical earth itself, so giving up with root, earthly, material attachments means taking an interest in things which are not of this nature, this can include colour, light, sound etc.

We need to do a full chakra sweep with these non physical entities.

Next we need to give up the sacral or sex and abstain for periods of time, but we also need to visualize this force being pulled up our spine to be given up to the higher self.

Next we need to give up the solar plexus or things associated with it.
This incudes food and fasting, but the lungs are also situated beside the solar plexus and we need to focus on our breathing while giving up with the solar plexus.

The solar plexus is associated with the colour gold and yellow vegetation and this is where the idea of money or cash was born.

Currency being made of gold, cash being made of paper and tree’s.

So within the awareness of the solar plexus, we need to visualize giving these things up associated with it.

When we visualise giving up with these three chakras, some powerful transformative action takes place inside us.

While letting go of attachments to these chakras over a period of time, listen to sounds associated with them, take in the colours, light necessary etc.

Do a full sweep.

Within the sacral visualise and feel that energy and fluid being sucked up and down your spine, down to your roots and up into your head.

Within the solar plexus practice deep breathing while holding your breath at the end.

Now put it all together, listening to sounds, in a colourful environment, mentally pull and suck your sexual energy up and down your spine, now add the deep breaths.

Hold your breath at time’s while you visualise this.

Inhale as the force goes up, and exhale as it goes down.

Now repeat this at a faster pace and notice an almost mini orgasmic experience happening inside your body.

If you can feel this experience, it is now time to visualise giving up the cash, gold or money.

Visualise all this energy being sucked up into your head while you inhale.

This time your not going to visualise the energy going down as you exhale, rather your going to keep visualising bringing this creative energy up into your higher self, into your mind where any issues you have will be dealt with on a higher or clearer plane of existence.

You see where you are observing your problems from is very dense and difficult to see through, this is why you need to give it up, to see it from a higher perspective.

In another post I demonstrated how each chakra is associated with a tone on a “do, re, mi” musical scale.

The tone “mi” is the third tone and corresponds to the third chakra or solar plexus, so words associated with the word “mi” are referencing the things associated with solar plexus.

Words with “mi, me, mu, ma, I’m, I am etc all refer to the solar plexus.

For example: mummy, karma, money etc.

The word “money” can render to “Mon” (eye) and is referencing the third or solar chakra, where we have already identified gold and paper money comes from.

In order to attain, we must first give up with the cycle of the sun inside us to see our issues with food, money etc from a clearer or higher point of view.

Now sleep and see your worries enter your dreams, to be solved.

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