indigo children.

Coping with a spiritualy gifted child.

Coping strategies to use with spiritual children in these challenging times.

Questions: does my child express qualities of spiritualy gifted children, such as,

  • Indigo children.
  • Star seed children.
  • Rainbow children.

Mental health activities to do with your spiritual child.

Worry time.

Set aside a time each day for your child’s worry. Discuss with your child how long the worry time will be for.

In this time your child can write down their worries, discuss them with you or problem solve them to overcome them.

Thought challenging.

Help your child to write down only unhelpful thoughts that they experience. Try to challenge them with your child and try to come up with more realistic and helpful ones.

Being present.

Help your child to be present and live in the moment. Go for a walk and see how many different things you can both take in with all your senses.

Activity planning.

Create an activity diary with your child and help them to schedule in some plessureable and achievement related activities.

Talking about feelings.

Why not create a time each week where your child can speak to you about their thoughts and feelings.

Three good things.

Before bed spend some time with your child to identify and write down 3 good things they achieved from the day.

Thought testing.

Try setting out some simple activities to help your child test out the validity of a thought.


Support your child to look after their Welbeing, cook healthy meals with them, exercise or play sport with them and make sure they get enough sleep.


Work with your child to imagine themselves in an imaginary future where everything has turned out in a positive way.


indigo children.
6th sun child.


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