Third eye chakra…

Our hands are like antenna , we’re like bees or ants in a colony taking in each others thoughts.

When you put your hands together you begin to communicate with your heart and no longer take in other people’s thoughts.

When you do this you become aware that your no longer a part of your dream but rather your the observer. While the head finds it difficult to listen to the heart, for before good emotions emerge you have to deal with the bad stuff, it all comes up.

But repeated prayer on your knees and hands together will eventually bring your heart to life.

I’m sure some of you have heard of brain heart cohesion, how if the brain and the heart are in allignment miracles happen, for me I found this to be true and this happens through prayer, where whatever your mind focus’s on and you can feel love for it, it will come to you or your mind will clear to show you how your goals are not as difficult as you may think.

The third energy centre and the third eye…

The hands and feet are like antenna which are feeding information back to the third eye or brain, notice how the legs and arms enter into the solar plexus and heart and this means that as long as your hands are in an open position, you are taking in other people’s thoughts and feelings.

When you put your hands and feet together you block out other people’s worries and begin to communicate with your self inside.

A noticable change happens in your dreams, where you see yourself no longer part of the drama in your head, rather you become the observer.

Your thoughts and feelings are not your own. This only becomes obvious when the solar plexus is open and it won’t open until you give up that which is below the solar plexus. This is where the battle with the fire in the mind begins, fire represents the solar plexus…

To gain control of the mind or third eye you must observe what is happening in the solar plexus or 3rd energy centre.

Fast, observe what you eat and drink, wake up in time with the solar system as the solar plexus opens.

Meditate, pray on knees with hands together, keep intentions focused on the third eye and love.

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