Is the Biblical God nasty?

Hello my atheist buddies. Y’all keep saying The Biblical God is nasty, unfriendly and downright wicked to have created an everlasting Hellish Lake of Fire to punish evil God-rejectors.
You also claim that this Hellish Lake of Fire hasn’t been proven by science when it actually has been proven.

Nice poisoning the well fallacious reasoning from you plus appeal to emotions plus denials do NOT equate to proving your moral case against Hell, sorry.

  • You’ve failed to show HOW The Biblical Hell is unscientific.
  • You’ve failed to show HOW Christ’s Vicarious Sacrifice for YOUR sins and that of humanity is unfriendly.
  • You’ve failed to show HOW God punishing pedophiles, rapists, mass murderers and God-rejectors is nasty.

The Biblical God’s moral justification for The Biblical Hell stands quite tall. Escape it while you can. ❤️

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