Hi friends, I would like to share the experience about my practice for the Third eye awakening.

I had no knowledge about the third vision, as I was not from a spiritual background. I was a devotee of Lord Ganesha and my Guru Shivanand Dadaji had promised me that one day I will be able to see him.

Although this was unbelievable for me, but my father wanted me to try for this and I started as per my Guru’s guidance.

It took about an year for me to awaken my Third eye, but it took 6 months for my younger sister and a month for my Mother. May be because they were powerful devotee of Guru Shivanand Dadaji. The duration depends from people to people.

Anyways, I would like to share my Practice. Before we start with the meditation, we have to pray Shivanand Dadaji to guide us on this path as we will be successful with his grace.

So for the Third Eye Awakening, our sitting posture can be as per our comfort, but it would be best, if we are siting in a ‘Padmasana’ i.e. Lotus position with our hands folded in a ‘Shankha Mudra’ also known as the Seashell Mudra.

Our back should be straight and our neck should be stable. Our body gets locked in this position and the blood flow starts from the thumbs to the brain. This creates a triangular position because of which the Muladhara chakra, i.e. the root chakra becomes stable and the kundalini is risen by 2.5 inches all of which helps in inner concentration of energy.

Now lets talk about the eyesight. Our eyesight should be straight. We should close our eyes slowly and our mind should be concentrating at the point just above our ‘Ajna’ chakra i.e. the 6th chakra. This is the point where we have our Third eye, Just above the position of the our Soul.

In this entire process our mind plays a very important role. We have to try our best to control the thoughts entering our mind and try to make it stable. Once our mind is empty, the vision may start. For our mind to become stable and to know the real path of awakening the third eye we have to chant the ‘Om Dadaji’ mantra.

Continuous chanting of this mantra creates vibrations and with Dadaji’s grace we are pulled towards the right path. It helps us to experience a very high energy and the vision may start.

So at the start some blue, green circles may appear, still we need to concentrate at the center point. Then a white spot may come and go. With our full concentration we have to catch this white light and penetrate inside.

Once we are able to penetrate inside, the size, i.e. the area covered by light will go on increasing, but we don’t have to get distracted and just need to concentrate at the center. Remember, While all this is happening, our chanting should not be interrupted, we need to chant continuously.

We may experience that we are pulled inside at the Third Eye position, our head may become heavy. Some may also experience a minor headache. But don’t worry, this happens only at the initial stages.
Once we are completely inside and we are able to view the divine spirits , spiritual world, then this will confirm that our third eye is awakened. Congratulations then!! The next time we sit for the mediation, we can directly have this vision.

We can then use this Third eye vision to obtain the truth of the Universe, truth of life, birth and death cycle, truth about Hell Heaven Journey and at the last truth about the God. Also I will share the uses of the Third eye awakening in my next article.

I would like to add a note to this, No one in this world is capable of transferring such a powerful energy. It is only with the grace of Öm Shivanand Dadaji, that we can awaken our third eye in a single life span.

So please avoid to misuse this energy, even if we try to do so,our Third vision would be taken off.
So use it in a positive way and experience the real happiness of the Spiritual world.
Wish you all the best for this practice.

Also please let me know if you have any further queries. Thank you for reading.

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