Slumdog twin flame’s

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Why the film Slumdog millionaire and its theme song “Dreams on fire”, suggests twin flames.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with fire and the flame, which suggests where the term twin flames originates.

The solar plexus chakra is also associated with the self, where selfless devotion to friends and families cease. It would be suggested that our other half or twin flame is us in another body, so as we enter the awareness of the solar plexus and focus on ourselves we actually begin to focus on our twin flame.

Before uniting with our twin flame we must devote our lives to those who are closest to us and address the issues they have, within the lower chakras, root, sacral etc.

Coming out of the mud or slum, suggests the sacral and root chakras, and the work which needs to be done before entering the solar plexus chakra.

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“Dreams on fire” suggests the solar plexus, as this is the element associated with fire.

The solar plexus chakra also suggests the flame and twin flames.

The two lovers in the film Slumdog millionaire  unite when the female character (Latika) is dressed in yellow, suggesting the solar plexus chakra and rising out of the mud or slum associated with the root or sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is associated with the lower levels of life within us and therefor suggests mud and dirt, living a dirty, unclean life etc.

The root and sacral chakra also suggests ties to the earth, families, local community etc, and selfless devotion to others.

The solar plexus is associated with serving one’s self, which translates as focusing and serving our other half or twin flame, as their needs are the same as ours.

We cant awaken or reach the awareness of the solar plexus or Union with our twin flame, until we first learn to balance ourselves with the teachings of the root cultures on our planet and observe the practices they engage in to balance and heal themselves, taking us out of our ego.

We then must learn to become celibate, within the sacral chakra and Purge our selfish notions of existence, love etc, to realise that all wanting’s are selfish and are not true or real.

Only then can our life force awaken the solar plexus chakra and unite with ourselves or our twin flame, after our selfless devotion to others.

“Who is your twin flame”? Anyone wearing yellow”.

Slumdog millionaire – “Dreams on fire”.

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