The colour sequence.

Notice the colours of our planet, as they rise from the ground up to the sky they take on the same colour sequence of that of the chakras or energy centres in Indian and Asian philosophy.

The earth or rock is red, the clay or sand is orange.

The vegetation is yellow and turns green as you go higher.

As you go higher again the sky turns bright blue and higher again, turns dark blue or indigo.

Finally at the outer most atmosphere, our sky meets the space and turns an almost violet blue, just like the colour sequence of the chakras.

Every level on our planet represents an energy centre or chakra inside us.

Images in our dreams of our planet, the vegetation, the sky, the animals etc and the levels with which you would associate such images represent activity which is happening inside and outside of you.

Our planet and our energy centre’s, act in three distinct energy states.

One of rock, clay etc, another of vegetation, and a final state of air or sky.

Three distinctive states acting as one whole planet.

God is the highest level of life, God is the blue sky, the blue dot, the cloud or the high flying bird, the hawk or Eagle.

God is that pressure in your head or that pain in your forehead.

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