Kalki’s Eucharist

The idea of the white Eucharist above Christ’s head, which is raised and lowered in mass in periodic fashion, brings together some interesting ideas.

The Eucharist, the bread of life is raised above the head of the priest in ritualistic ceremony and then lowered, portraying the idea of giving up bread periodically, in an act of fasting and giving up white bread.

As I have demonstrated in other posts, the idea of the Eucharist being inserted into the Monstraint also represents the rising of the sun, and its role in making the grass green, which is then used to make the white bread of life.

The monstraint and the risen bread, demonstrates the periodic nature of the sun and the colours it takes while rising and falling and their effect on all life.

The heart chakra is portrayed as being green or white in spiritual philosophy, portraying the colour of the risen sun, when it is bright white and its association with the Heart, core or Christ.

The colour white represents all the wavelengths of light combined, white represents inclusion and the completed planet or being and the risen sun, or risen son at his full strength.

The sun also represents the midpoint of our universe. The midpoint between material and empty space.

A light-hearted medium between complete fullfilment and complete emptiness, the sun is the mean value, the wavelength between light and dark.

Ancient Egyptians are also seen in many images with orange discs risen above their heads, representing rising of sexual or creative forces, in a sense giving up sex and celibacy.

Christ often has a white disc above his head, which rises and falls in ritualistic fashion, representing the idea of giving up your love to God, the universe or life in general, in periodic fashion.

Giving up all earthly, bodily and material attachments or colours associated with the chakras (red) giving up earthly attachments, (orange) giving up sex, (yellow) giving up bread and food, (white) giving up your love, for a higher cause.

These are the rituals we must adhere to, to become sustainable, to become complete in the eyes of God or the universe, in the eyes of our chi or children.

The coming Christ who is complete.

The coming Christ, in Hindu spiritual philosophy. The coming Kalki avatar, the 10th incarnation of vishnu, embodies all the colours combined and his name itself suggests this, Kalki means white.

He rides a white horse, he is often seen in the white clouds, his heart is made of white light, and takes all and gives all spectrums of colour, light etc.

Kalki is the Monstraint, Kalki shows and gives all.

He is also said to be a mystical being, portraying the involvement of mist, which is a white substance.

The name Kalki is similar to the words calcium or calcite, which are white substances.

Kalki in effect is the completed being, he is the white risen Christ, the white risen son as the sun is risen into the white spectrum.

And when he gives all this up, what happens?.

What is above the chakras of the body?, what is above your heart?.

Your voice, your consciousness or conscience.

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