Chakra tuning.

Chakras and their associated sounds and instruments.

When balancing each chakra, it’s important to know which sound’s balance which chakra.

Here is a list of the chakras and their associated sounds and musical instruments.

While on their own certain tones may clear negative energy or cure headaches etc.

it is important to do an all chakra clear out, with all associated tones, frequencies, instruments etc to get a complete tune up.

Use specific tones to cure specific ailments, but don’t forget how important a complete chakra tune up is.

Core light

Chakras, lighthearted

Crown chakra.
Associated note: B.
Associated sound: om / ee.
Associated frequency: 963 Hertz.
Associated instruments: organ, electronic synthesiser and sounds.

3rd eye, brow chakra.
Associated note: A.
Associated sound: sham / aye.
Associated vowel: LA.
Associated frequency: 852 Hertz.
Associated instruments: high electronic instruments, synthesisers.

Throat chakra.
Associated note: G.
Associated sound: ham / eye.
Associated vowel: Sol.
Associated frequency: 741 Hertz.
Associated instruments: human voice, flute, wood winds.

Heart chakra.
Associated note: F.
Associated sound: yam / ah.
Associated vowel: FA.
Associated frequency: 639 Hertz.
Associated instruments: harp, flute, violin, piano.

Solar plexus chakra.
Associated note: E.
Associated sound: ram / oh.
Associated vowel: Mi.
Associated frequency: 528 Hertz.
Associated instruments: cello, violin, piano, oboe,

Sacral chakra.
Associated note: D.
Associated sound: vam / ooo.
Associated vowel: RE.
Associated frequency: 417 Hertz.
Associated instruments: electric guitar, marimba, saxophone.

Root chakra.
Associated note: C / augmented 4th.
Associated sound: lam.
Associated vowel: Do / Ut.
Associated frequency: 396 Hertz.
Associated instruments: deep and low drums, bassoon, primitive drums.

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