solar barge...

God works in mysterious ways…

All faiths are mired in mysticism, mystics, mystery, mysterious ways etc.


The word “My” refers to myself and the solar plexus or 3rd chakra.

“mi” is also the 3rd tone in the do, re, mi scale.

The word “Steer” refers to steering a boat on the sacral waters of creation, above sacra, solar plexus, ancient Egyptian solar barge or both…

“ri” or “re” is the 2nd tone in our do,re, mi scale referring to the 2nd chakra, as in “sec’re” or “sex-re”..

The word boat is spelled 2 different ways as in boat and both, the latter meaning 2, as in “us” the last last part of the word “mysterious”.

These words explain the nature of God… From an ancient past perspective.

God has 3 letters.

Mystic – my stick..

Mysticism – my stick chi-ism..

Mastery – .. mast steer rey…

3 deities...
3rd eye…

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