The destruction of the Temple was prophesied

Gospel Reading – Sunday 13th Dec – Luke 21:5-19

Early Christians often greeted each other with “maranatha” it is an Aramaic expression for the imminent return of Jesus Christ after his ascension to heaven, come Lord Jesus.

They took those words seriously because they were aware that they were living in the last times.
Let me clarify that the last times in which we live have lasted since the very astonishment of the Lord Jesus. The Lord warns us not to be deceived and to always be awake and ready for his second coming. .
Jesus teaches us not to admire the walls of the temple, something that is transient, but to understand that God is a spirit that is always and everywhere. Which Jesus says that the temple of the Holy Spirit is transitory and perishable, only the spiritual soul remains and after this worldly death it passes into the spiritual dimension of eternity, and the mortal body will be resurrected on the last day.Because we are Christ’s witnesses, witnesses of his resurrection.

The hatred towards the disciples of Jesus by the world, and especially by the secular media, has crossed all borders. They are ready to do everything in order to denigrate the church and its clergy, a typical act of evil.

Brothers and sisters, we must not be discouraged, because Jesus clearly reminds us that we need to remain brave and faithful, for example in the continuation of the Gospel, Jesus tells us that not a hair from our head will perish, you will be saved by your steadfastness.

Let’s stop here for a moment and think about with these words, Jesus is not saying that our hair will not fall from our heads, because surely it will, or we will just go bald, or as it was in history, and it will also be certain in the future that many witnesses will not only remain without hair on their heads, but also remain without a head, the martyrs gave their lives and were ready to bear witness to Christ and his resurrection in that way, even at the cost of their lives.

So Jesus says not a hair of your head will perish.
Everything you will suffer out of love for Christ, the church and the gospel will be worth the effort, the pain and suffering will be beneficial because God will reward all of it abundantly, not only in eternal life but also now in this fleeting life, and one day when let’s unite with God the Holy Trinity, everything will be much clearer to us.

Jesus also mentions that everyone will hate us because of His name, it’s hard to hear and accept it, but my brothers, don’t be afraid and don’t be surprised if it happens in our lives that people oppose us, don’t understand, revile us, gossip, turn their backs on us because of our faith, testimonies and values that come from the Gospel.

Jesus clearly tells us in one of his teachings that if they hated me, they will also hate you, my disciples, but again, if they listened to me, they will listen to you, so there will always be those who will to listen and to whom God’s word will reach.

It is worth trying and spreading the good news because there are people who will faithfully open their hearts to believe and be saved. We must never allow ourselves to be distracted and seduced by the fighting and only the fighting.

Approach others with love, understanding and patience because we as Christians are struggling for every brother and sister, some of whom are right now an instrument in the hands of the evil one, let us fight for them and against the evil one.

Saint Paul teaches us that we are not to fight against people but against the rulers of this world, against evil spirits, and we can fight in that fight only and only with Jesus because all power is in the name of Jesus! Amen!


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